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The fear of missing out (commonly known as FOMO) is a familiar feeling of anxiety that we experience when we are aware of social gatherings without our presence. This summer, I’ll be out of my hometown for 17 consecutive days. As I near half of that time out of town, the amount of FOMO I’veContinue reading “FOMO”

Gifted Kid Burnout

I’ve seen the words “gifted kid burnout” on various social media platforms for a long time. For example, the “giftedkidburnout” hashtag on Tiktok has almost 200 million views. While the context of the hashtag’s use is typically comedic and results in a good laugh, there is an overwhelming truth behind gifted kid burnout. I haveContinue reading “Gifted Kid Burnout”

Meet Jennifer!

Hey, everyone! My name is Jennifer Vu, and I am the Director of Writing at Magnify Wellness. Thank you for being here! I’ll be sharing the stories that have shaped me into the person I am today and my journey thus far at Magnify Wellness. TW: discussions of sexual harassment, Asian fetishization, and self-harm. OnContinue reading “Meet Jennifer!”

Meet Grace!

Hi, all! My name is Grace Martin and I am a member of the Writing Team at Magnify Wellness! I’m excited to share a little piece of myself with you and share why I began my journey with Magnify!