Roundtables #11 – National find a rainbow day was last week! What real or metaphorical rainbows did you find? What rainbows do you look for in each day?

Gretel Tassah: On Sunday I saw red. The good kind: an impassioned red that energizes your spirit. It colored my mother’s lips as she grinned on her way home from Easter Sunday. My favorite shade of red on her.

Monday brought an orange sunrise, to which I shut the blinds and went back to bed. 

Tuesday was filled with yellow as peers announced their post-secondary plans and congratulations. As the day progressed I saw hints of green from eyes of envy. I hope that was only temporary. 

On Wednesday I left my house (shocking). The sky was blue, of the ombré sunset variety. It was beautiful. 

Three more days until my rainbow is complete. 

Anabella Garcia: My mom has always believed in symbols that are found in nature, and rainbows are not excluded from them. Whenever she sees a rainbow or a cardinal, a peaceful look comes across her face that I don’t think I have ever felt. I have always been envious of her ability to find peace through those small things, but over time I have realized that my rainbow doesn’t necessarily have to be a rainbow. Just last week I was able to find a rainbow in an unexpected place. On a whim, I decided to take my brother out to Barnes and Noble to spend some time together. Those shared moments put me at ease and released the tension that had accumulated throughout the school week. In the end, I could share a chocolate bar with my 13-year-old brother and find comfort and hope. Hope for a better tomorrow and a better mindset. A rainbow doesn’t have to be a big, marvelous event or gesture. It could simply be someone’s presence or a moment where you feel clarity. However, we can actively search for these rainbows — we don’t have to wait for them to roll around. A daily rainbow that I chase is exercise. Whether it’s going for a run or lifting some weights, I find a deep sense of release when I am working out. It fills me with a sense of hope and power that I don’t think I could continue my days without. It makes me feel like everything will fall into place if I work hard enough, but also not to place too much pressure on myself. I believe that it is extremely important for everyone to have some type of daily rainbow. It could be going on a walk or reading a book, but that sense of peace and hope that you gain is priceless.

Mikaela Brewer: Unfortunately, I think the last time I saw a real rainbow was during a walk with my sister in my rainboots. Over the past few weeks, I’ve definitely found some metaphorical rainbows, and much like gratitude journaling and silver linings, I believe that it is important to look for a few each day. Throughout the pandemic, I think we’ve all realized that these rainbows are in fact small things — a fresh rain to clear away the last of winter’s sand cased snow, the cardinals in the birdbath, my nine-year-old sister outsmarting me, signing off on my book manuscript, being able to open the windows to welcome a semblance of spring and change, and shamelessly adoring the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack. The more I think about it, the more I realize how elegant and alluring rainbows are — each colour of light arcs together along one path. Perhaps we should all take a page out of a rainbow’s book as we strive to grow together, lift each other up and learn along the arc of the human narrative. The arc only moves forward and exists with the colour, power and vibrance of everyone’s voice.

Artwork designed by: Saavi Shinde

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