Journaling in Code

Growing up, all I was obligated to do was be interested in maths and sciences, but something appealed to me and stayed in the back of my mind — writing every letter of my thoughts out. I didn’t start writing until the beginning of this year, but ever since I started, there’s not a single thing I can think of that makes writing boring. 

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Spotlight: Abigayle Peterson & The Stories Within Magnify’s Code

Magnify Wellness was coded using a JavaScript library called React, but there is another language embedded into the story that Magnify Wellness’s code portrays. It is a familiar language, which conveys the challenging story of learning how to best use our gifts through the experiences we gain. Abigayle’s story is one that reminds us that we share the language of pain, ache and loneliness, though we may experience it differently. Her story reminds us that we can grow, learn and make profound leaps in a plentiful direction while keeping our experiences in our back pocket. 

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