Roundtables #26 – Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself

Mikaela Brewer:

Dear Mikaela (February, 2017),

I forgive you for not knowing it all, and I forgive myself, now, disregarding the fact that hindsight is 20/20. 

I forgive you for thinking that you could carry all that you did, and for the ways in which that headstrong attempt impacts my body, mind, and spirit today. We still carry too much. We’ll learn one day, but I forgive you for not seeing this as a flaw that we should prioritize reconfiguring.

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Spotlight: Abigayle Peterson & The Stories Within Magnify’s Code

Magnify Wellness was coded using a JavaScript library called React, but there is another language embedded into the story that Magnify Wellness’s code portrays. It is a familiar language, which conveys the challenging story of learning how to best use our gifts through the experiences we gain. Abigayle’s story is one that reminds us that we share the language of pain, ache and loneliness, though we may experience it differently. Her story reminds us that we can grow, learn and make profound leaps in a plentiful direction while keeping our experiences in our back pocket. 

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Meet Adele!

Hi everyone! My name is Adele and I’m a Secondary 3 student from Hong Kong.

To most, ‘mental health’ is an overused buzzword that at best is a conversational currency; a status cemented by its ambiguity. Swarmed by the unbidden input of common skeptics and pseudo-intellectuals, the definition of well-being has become irretrievably convoluted. If you can read between the lines, you’ll find that I struggle to summarize without generalization; another irony that pains my psyche. 

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